About Us


To provide excellent catering and mobile food delivery service by making available healthy baked goods such as bread and cinnamon rolls that lack harmful artificial additives. We will be setting ourselves up to meet people’s needs for delicious and healthy baked foods on a regular basis.



As a business outfit, the vision is to be a leading and expansive e-commerce shop with the penchant for delivering healthy baked foods to our customers and this will be achieved through the following:

  1. Creating an excellent standard of service and maintaining it by ensuring constant availability of healthy products in order to contribute positively to the well-being of our customers.
  2. Setting ourselves up to meet the needs of a relatively new and growing customer base by making use of a unique business strategy and an experienced management team.
  • Building confidence and trust in our customers as a result of on-time delivery and availability of quality products which will help to establish us as a reputable brand.

Core values

Here are our core values:

  • Customer satisfaction: we employ unique and striking methods of operation to attend to our customers which allows us to achieve customer satisfaction regularly.
  • Dependability: we understand the needs of our customers which enables us to be in a position to be reliable and dependable to meet those needs.
  • Quality: we regularly position ourselves to provide our customers with great value for money spent which is why we only supply baked foods that are free from harmful artificial additives.
  • Efficiency: our operations are simple and efficient which helps us to ensure on-time delivery of products to our customers with the utmost convenience.